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Many companies have started fixing their operations from back to front. First it was bug fixes really, then testing and now many have looked their development process approach and gone into agile methodologies.

This is good, but why don't you do like the Engineering text book tells you: Place your bets in the front end of the process, and everything else will follow.
Writing good requirements makes the project start on the right foot, and having good portfolio management gives your focus to the best-value-for-the-customer decisions.

It all sounds very easy but not many companies are actually doing this well. And these companies do not even themselves know their shortcomings.

Do you have any of these problems:
- Very little coming out even when a lot of actions seem to happen in the agile teams
- Difficulties to prioritise content from customer value perspective.
- Teams seem to have technical details in their backlog. Not big ticket items for customers.
- During the customer acceptance phase a lot of bad customer feedback is received and it seems you need to deliver lots of new functionalities to keep customer happy.
- Internal billing is always a surprise. The amount and what seems to be billed.

Bad decisions are costly - doing the wrong product or wrong features is costly and burns a lot of your time - customers get frustrated and you give your an edge for your competitors.

Along with the developments in Digitalization - speed is of the essence. There are new possibilities to safeguard your success before you start. Sounds like StarTrek?

A tool used by companies like GE, Intuit, F-Secure etc is also available for you.
You can access it from here (don't worry, it is free and no registration needed):

have a look and see if we can help you in building such a system

Landon Oy works in Finland and in Germany in the following areas:

- Our partner company Toip works in demanding IIoT, Fog, Edge and Cloud solutions. We have done the whole stack from sensors to cloud in a demanding industry settings:
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- Innovations and Internal Start-Ups - Companies should experiment, learn and pivot if needed. Gone are the days of waterfall planning.

- Operative Processes - real and pragmatic ways of working - decision making gearboxes and planning processes that actually work in multi-site, multi-everything setting - Portfolio management - auditing assignments, metrics, operational mode support

What is new:
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